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> Adrian mentioned "expected censorship" and even Mike mentioned "curation",
> but there is none of that on Canonizer.

You missed the "expected" portion: it's entirely perception, and their
expectations based on how sites that others have made, have often acted.

I know you to be an honest man, and I have no reason to suspect that you
actually do much if any censorship on your site.  (I suspect that if, say,
someone were to post a "camp" including detailed depictions of child rape
or nuclear weapons designs, you might take those down.  Though I also
suspect that you have probably yet to encounter such a situation, therefore
you have yet to engage in "censorship".)  But I am sure you can readily
imagine other sites, similar in nature to Canonizer but run by people who
freely censor opinions - on their site - that they do not agree with.  (I
am also quite certain you can see how such behavior would cause such a site
to be distrusted, and ultimately fail to be much more than a personal

The problem I cite is entirely a matter of appearances, and expectations on
the part of those who you would like to use your site.  They have incorrect
perceptions, not understanding that your site is...let's call it "far more
honest" than the other sites they imagine or have encountered.
Unfortunately, only you are willing to do something about those
misperceptions.  No, it's not fair.

I don't have a complete answer for you.  But I have often found that
knowing what the problem is, is useful first step toward solving it.
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