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>> I should clarify that I approve selecting one embryo over another if
>> there is a very significant genetic downside with one such as down
>> syndrome. Selecting one embryo over another for a very slight improvement
>> irks me for previously mentioned reasons.
> ### Let's say you are faced with two possible courses of action:
> A) Results in X% risk of disease, trivial or severe, or inconvenience or
> other unpleasantness afflicting your child
> B) Results in X+1% risk of risk of the above outcomes
> Assume the costs of either action are the same and there is no impact on
> you or third parties except through the different effects on your child.
> Are you telling me there is a plausible situation where taking option B is
> preferable to option A? Under what ethics?

Because it never is like that - it's never that clean - in practice.  There
are always other factors and risks commingled in.  Pretending it is that
clean ignores those other factors, with negative results too often for
his tastes.
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