[ExI] article about Rafal and his daughter

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Jun 24 11:29:36 UTC 2022

Very interesting article. I did not know we had gotten to this point yet
in testing and selecting. :)  Such things were not available (AFAIK) when
we were making our family... in fact I don't recall *any* pre-birth tests
of any sort, and the test I recall afterwards was called "PKU", and vital
for the child.

I myself might not have become a "selected embryo", but here I am, and
I've not been a detriment to the world, I don't think! :D :D :D  Of
course, not being selected would mean I would not exist.  That's ok, I'd
not know about it ... unless one is going to go with "souls" etc.

When I consider the number of natural embryos that fail and are flushed
away every single month, that "did not exist" argument goes out the window
for me.

Yes, the whole thing has a Playing God feel to it, but we often do that
when planning a family. As Gadersd points out, there are reasons to refuse
to breed.  I know several young couples who carry "bad genes" and have
made that choice.  Brave and thoughtful.

Best wishes to you, Rafal & GF, and to your daughter (who is just a couple
years younger than my grandkids).

Warm regards,

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