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>>.I would think you would be more excited about next weekend, with
California 100F temperatures from Saturday through Tuesday!   Get the Pina
coladas ready!  BillK




>.Eh, I see no possibility of cyclones in the Pacific coming to our aid on
that BillK.  There's nothing to get excited about.spike


Wooohooo!  NOAA just updated and I was greatly appointed to see that one of
our low pressure systems made it to a depression.  Cool!  Now this formation
of a tropical depression is highly concerting.  The Atlantic didn't forget
how to whoop ass.  Excellent.


They shoulda called it something else besides depression however.  Too many
negative connotations associated with that word.  If we recognize that
stormy weather is a good thing in modern times when ships know to go around
them and we think they might contribute to needed rainfall, we should change
that to something a bit more cheerful, as I did in the first paragraph, with
the terms "appointed" and "concerting," terms far more often used in their
negation.  When they make it to this point, perhaps it should be called a
tropical elation.


Note that it still doesn't get a name at this point, only a number (five.)
So we are one day out from falling to second to last place in longest span
between named storms.  2007 went 60 days, we are 59 days, no named storms.
Go tropical elation five!




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