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>.Wooohooo!  NOAA just updated and I was greatly appointed to see that one
of our low pressure systems made it to a depression.  Cool!  Now this
formation of a tropical depression is highly concerting.  The Atlantic
didn't forget how to whoop ass.  Excellent.



Tropical elation five has become Danielle!



And then. spike realized he was cheering on a goddam swirling wind pattern.
Oh I need a life.


On the other hand. check out this video and think about what you are seeing:




Clearly there is a looootta dust and particulates making that brown tube,
and that stuff is way denser than air.  It is swirling, so centrifugal force
would sling it outward unless wind blew it back into the cylinder.  If wind
is blowing the stuff inward, then air must be rising up in the center.  OK
all that makes sense, so now it seems like the same principle would apply to
the tropical elation, and to the hurricane if that forms.


Ja?  Weather hipsters, does it work that way?  





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