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>…chimps - I need to do some research but here is what I read about chimps:  there are some tasks that they are better at than humans, and the difference is that the chimps don't have a couple of biased ways of thinking that humans do have…


Ja, they are better at making the right tool and extracting termites.  I aw a video of a scientist who gained the trust of the chimps enough that he could join them in working to extract termites.  They were better at it than he was.



>…Now think of this:  suppose  chimps keep evolving…


No need to suppose: they do and they are.  Every species is evolving.  Perhaps you meant evolving bulbous heads as humans have.  I see no selective pressure pushing the species that direction.


>…  And since an adult chimp (not the juvenile ones like Cheetah, for those of us who remember him) is stronger than three or four men, they could take over… 


I remember Cheeta!  Thanks for that reminder BillW.  Physical strength is irrelevant in the age of modern firearms.  They are the great equalizers.  But it works as another argument in favor of the USA second amendment: we will be prepared in case chimps attempt to take over our niche.


>…Or maybe we could mess with their genes too and prevent that… bill w


Prevent that?  Why?  We would encourage it, to create a great labor force.





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