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BillW sent me a book which I am finding very hard to read, not because it is boring, but because it is interesting: 




The book has material that keeps sending me off on tangents.   Lotsa cool ideas.  This one is the most ideaey book I have read in a long time.  A coupla months ago, von Neumann’s ideas on set theory and different kinds of infinity sent me off studying that subject because I started wondering: if there are different classes of infinity, aleph null, aleph one and so on, are there different classes of zero?  Is the zero which is one over aleph null the same as one over aleph one?  What if one over aleph null is multiplied by aleph one?  


And so on, which kept me distracted for some time, but something else in this book caused me to go off on control theory and think of new uses for Kalman filters, which is why I got interested in the Atlantic storm season.


So… if you get bored with the Go Canes thread, it’s BillW’s fault not mine.  He sent me the book.


Regarding this last part: perhaps you viewed that landspout video with the dust column, and went down the same line of reasoning I did: wind must be holding the dust from flying outward and so there must be a huge column of air going up in the center, analogous to the way water swirls down the drain in the sink but opposite direction: it swirls up in a tornado.  My reasoning went on that it swirls up in a hurricane, and hurricanes blow like hell over the sea, so that would hoover up water vapor and hurl it way up, which should bring rain.


Does that idea sound about right?  I have never been a climate hipster, but Floridians know that any hurricane or tropical elation nearby brings rain, and Florida needs rain because rain replenishes the ground water.  There are no rivers coming down from anywhere.  We drink rain down there.


One more step: a hurricane looks to me like it would have a net cooling effect on the planet.  Reasoning: check out the satellite image below, just updated a few minutes ago.  Tropical storm Danielle makes a huge white cloud the size of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi combined.  That’s a lotta clouds to scatter sunlight back upwards.  One of our potential storms (2) fizzled but turbance 1 down there still has potential.




Note to the innocent: I sometimes rename things.  I am looking at the theory that a quiet Atlantic leads to drought in Europe, and this is a bad thing, so a stormy Atlantic is a good thing.  BillK, are you with me, lad?  So we look at the names for storms, such as tropical depression.  If they lead to much-needed rain in Europe, then they are a good thing, so they should be called tropical elations.  A disturbance is generally a bad thing, so we should think of a more positive spin, a word that is opposite to that and call it a tropical turbance instead.  I was greatly appointed to see these turbances show up, as their presence is most concerting.


I do wholeheartedly endorse the von Neumann book.


BillK, help might be on the way.  Go Danielle!










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>…Danelle has made it to hurricane status.  …spike


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