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> Regarding this last part: perhaps you viewed that landspout video with the dust column, and went down the same line of reasoning I did: wind must be holding the dust from flying outward and so there must be a huge column of air going up in the center, analogous to the way water swirls down the drain in the sink but opposite direction: it swirls up in a tornado.  My reasoning went on that it swirls up in a hurricane, and hurricanes blow like hell over the sea, so that would hoover up water vapor and hurl it way up, which should bring rain.
> Does that idea sound about right?  I have never been a climate hipster, but Floridians know that any hurricane or tropical elation nearby brings rain, and Florida needs rain because rain replenishes the ground water.  There are no rivers coming down from anywhere.  We drink rain down there.
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No need for reasoning.   We have this wonderful thing called the internet.   :)
Just search for 'hurricane cause'.

Yes, it does lead to drought relief, with massive rainfall up to
hundreds of miles from the epicenter.

I'm not so sure about drought relief *thousands* of miles away though.
The Europe drought was caused by a kink in the jetstream which
replaced the prevailing westerly wet fronts from the Atlantic with hot
dry Sahara air.
The jetstream seems to have now unkinked itself and the westerlies
have started blowing into the UK again.


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