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>>...  My reasoning went on that it swirls up in a hurricane, and hurricanes
blow like hell over the sea, so that would hoover up water vapor and hurl it
way up, which should bring rain... spike
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>...No need for reasoning.   We have this wonderful thing called the
internet.   :)  BillK

Ja BillK, but always need for reasoning.  This wonderful thing called the
internet is full of junk with lack of reasoning.  Some of it is good.  The
skill is in figuring out which is which.  Your site is a good one:


BillK, the site your posted mentions some of the benefits of hurricanes,
which is something I have been pondering.  Over time, human population
increases, and humans guzzle a lotta water, huge quantities of it, more than
any other beast (depending on how you count it (because all the others do is
drink the stuff.))  We need lots of water, and hurricanes bring it.

OK then, in that sense hurricanes are a good thing.  Of course they wreck
stuff, but think of it this way: we can build things that stand up to
hurricanes.  It really isn't that hard.  So... if hurricanes are made more
numerous and more severe by warmer sea surface temperatures, which is caused
by global warming, and we figure out ways to build such that we can deal
with flooding and high winds and such, then global warming also has its
benefits: longer growing seasons, more water, more inhabitable land for
instance, but it requires that we build water control structures and
sturdier homes.

That sounds a lot easier to me than struggling to stop global warming.


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