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>…a pineapple is neither pine nor apple

a peanut is neither pea nor nut

infantry is not made up of infants


>…So each one 'tells' us it is something which it isn't   bill w




OK cool, contest please (because nothing has any real significance until we can derive some kind of game or competition from it): who can think of a good…hmmm… BillWord? 



*	Reading glasses are not reading and are not necessarily made of glass (I get the cheapy 3 dollar plastic ones.) 
*	A republican isn’t a can and isn’t a republic (only half of one.)
*	Bullshit isn’t a bull and isn’t shit (in the literal sense)
*	An egg cream contains neither egg nor cream (apologies to the younger crowd who never heard of it (for they grew up in our prosperous times (but BillW and I know what is an egg cream (and know where we can still get one (if we long for the simple low-cost pleasures of our tragically misspent youth.)))))




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