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*	>…An egg cream contains neither egg nor cream (apologies to the younger crowd who never heard of it (for they grew up in our prosperous times (but BillW and I know what is an egg cream (and know where we can still get one (if we long for the simple low-cost pleasures of our tragically misspent youth.)))))






OK I just returned from a 6 mile walk.  Writing about it caused me to have a major boner for a nice cool chocolate egg cream, oh so good, so good.  BillW visualize the young among us Googling egg cream near me.  Short cut: Baskin Robbins will make those for yas, or if you are lucky enough to have a Fosters Freeze Old Fashion Burgers in the area (which is where I walked.)  So good.


BillK, this big heat wave we were supposed to have is more fizzle than sizzle so far.  It was a warm but pleasant early 30s for my egg cream walk.  Might be still coming yet.  Note to Brits and Europeans among us, you can speak celcius here, a lot of us techno-hipster yanks are comfortable with it.












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