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Mon Sep 5 03:00:20 UTC 2022

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>...On second thought, Stuart, scratch that.  The irony of using a 
>hydrogen first stage to lift a kerosene final stage, oh that is killing
me...OK then.
>...There is a bright side in all this somewhere, but the argument above is
an epic fail, my apologies, sheesh how embarraskin...spike

>...Oh what an ugly solution that is.  spike

BillK, we yanks don't trust our "news" sources anymore as they are caught up
in our current culture war.  As I pondered this topic of rockets I wonder
about a news story we heard but don't know if it is true.  Are the commies
threatening to shut off the gas supply to Germany?  Do you have reliable
news sources over on that side?

If this is true, figuring out the right engineering solution to get humans
to Mars is a minor concern compared to getting the Europeans thru the coming


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