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>...On second thought, Stuart, scratch that.  The irony of using a 
>hydrogen first stage to lift a kerosene final stage, oh that is killing
me... spike

Oldie but a goodie.  The fun stuff starts about at 7 minutes in:


A lot of us watched the hell outta this video and it changed a lot of
attitudes (sure did mine.)  At that time, I was still thinking we weren't
quite there yet on feet-first landing, and still cheering for an updated
variant of LockMart's Titan IV.  But after I saw the successful triple
landing in April 2019, I was convinced: ja, Elon's whooped our ass, fair and
square, if ya can't beat em, join em, etc.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a kerosene burner.  Stuart what I don't know but
want to find out: is it practical to feet-first land a hydrogen booster?  I
can imagine it would be a loooot more difficult and dangerous, but I don't
know that it would be impossible.  The fire risk would be thru the roof:
hydrogen will find any tiny crack or weld flaw anywhere, and if it leaks,
the fire cannot be put out by any means I can easily envision: you wouldn't
send firemen running up to it with a hose.


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