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> BillK, no particular significance, just having a little fun at our own expense (literal expense in this case.)
> The big heat wave arrived, and the city is urging residents to turn up the thermostats, sit still don’t charge the numerous Teslas etc.
> I walked past the local ballfield.  The floodlights are on, while the sun shines bright.  These are still the old halogen 270K type, so each bulb is 2500 watts.  No one is nearby (it’s too hot to play ball anyway.)
> Each pole has 8 of these and there are 5 poles shining brightly into the daylight.  I am getting 100 kW to run those lights, so in round terms, this is somewhere around 100 residential homes on a typical day to light up a field in broad daylight, as they urge us to turn the thermostats warmer.  Our tax dollars at play.
> Silly yanks, sheesh.
> spike
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Yes, that is something to bear in mind when converting all cars to
electric power.
The grid has to be able to handle the load and there must be
generating capacity available to feed into the grid.
And, of course, the grid must be maintained so that fallen cables
don't start wildfires.
As with all decisions, there are consequences, not all of which are foreseen.


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