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> BillK, no particular significance, just having a little fun at our own 
> expense (literal expense in this case.)
> The big heat wave arrived, and the city is urging residents to turn up the thermostats, sit still don’t charge the numerous Teslas etc.
>...  Our tax dollars at play... Silly yanks, sheesh.
> spike
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>...Yes, that is something to bear in mind when converting all cars to electric power.
The grid has to be able to handle the load and there must be generating capacity available to feed into the grid.
And, of course, the grid must be maintained so that fallen cables don't start wildfires.
As with all decisions, there are consequences, not all of which are foreseen.  BillK


Ja BillK, if nothing else, it should make Germany feel less silly, seeing the USA making the same mistakes: trying to transition to green power too quickly, and doing it via legislation rather than market forces.  We foresee failure.

For instance, most of us can see that eventually we will need nukes, a lot of them.  We know how long it takes to build those things, but that is under best-case conditions.  It is much harder to predict how long it takes if easily-imaginable what-ifs occur, such as... the French expertise in that field do not want to come to the states even for a temporary duty, so we can't get enough nuke engineers.  And what if... the no-nukes crowd is able to tie it up in court for years?  

It is easy enough for me to see that a lotta Tesla drivers will be told to not charge many, and perhaps most days.


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