[ExI] oh no, not this again...

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 18:08:34 UTC 2022

How is this for predicting the weather?  Last night my Apple Watch told
me:  'rain stopping in 9 minutes and then starting again in 33 minutes'

was too occupied to check out their? predictions  bill w

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> >
> > Hmmmm… I had stopped worrying while we had two hurricanes blowing in the
> Atlantic, but Danielle just unexpectedly fizzled, so now we only have Earl
> left out there, and it isn’t as impressive as we had hoped.
> >
> > If we look at accumulated cyclonic energy, 2022 is a little less than
> half the average for the past 56 years, but this year is no longer the
> record holder for the quietest year at this date, which is just past the
> peak of storm season.
> >
> > A fun thought occurred to me.  A hurricane moves across the sea surface
> at the average speed of the surface winds, but the water she blows into the
> atmosphere moves way faster.  By that reasoning, moisture from Earl should
> be arriving in Europe by now.
> >
> > BillK, are ye lads getting any relief from the heat at drought?
> >
> > spike
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> Yup. There's been a slow-moving LOW over UK this week, so some rain every
> day.
> Next week is a bit less rain, but a stormy start to the week.
> The grass is going green again, as we get the late summer weather.
> I notice south California is getting soaked from a Pacific storm.
> BillK
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