[ExI] oh no, not this again...

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Sat Sep 10 17:16:00 UTC 2022

On Sat, 10 Sept 2022 at 16:26, spike jones via extropy-chat
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> Hmmmm… I had stopped worrying while we had two hurricanes blowing in the Atlantic, but Danielle just unexpectedly fizzled, so now we only have Earl left out there, and it isn’t as impressive as we had hoped.
> If we look at accumulated cyclonic energy, 2022 is a little less than half the average for the past 56 years, but this year is no longer the record holder for the quietest year at this date, which is just past the peak of storm season.
> A fun thought occurred to me.  A hurricane moves across the sea surface at the average speed of the surface winds, but the water she blows into the atmosphere moves way faster.  By that reasoning, moisture from Earl should be arriving in Europe by now.
> BillK, are ye lads getting any relief from the heat at drought?
> spike
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Yup. There's been a slow-moving LOW over UK this week, so some rain every day.
Next week is a bit less rain, but a stormy start to the week.
The grass is going green again, as we get the late summer weather.

I notice south California is getting soaked from a Pacific storm.


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