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Hi William

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> This is all bottom up: no authorities have made rules or laws that require
> us to change our minds about morality,  This is evolution.   bill w

Yes, exactly.  Even if someone believes in infallible morality addicted
hierarchically from on high, like trumpites (trump tells them when america
is great again), they are the ones that need to decide to follow that.
Notice that type of morality is infallible.  If you see something obviously
bad, like much of what Trump says, the answer is something like: "God's
ways are not Man's ways."  But, those peoples beliefs can still be
'falsified' usually when you put them on the demonizing side of what Trump
or God is declaring.

It seems to me that morality should fundamentally be based on what people
want.  The 'right' actions are the ones that get the most people the most
of what they want.  That is why we need to build and track consensus around
what everyone wants, and what everyone believes is morality.  And you
should be able to track how that changes, over time.  That which you
measure, improves.  Hmmm, won't it be great when more people use a system
that can do all that, so we will finally have a trusted source of good
moral information we can track over time?  Naa, let's just keep doing
nothing but bleating and tweeting all the "fake news" eternally.
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