[ExI] Ukrainian astronomers systematically studying UFOs over warzone

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat Sep 17 13:33:42 UTC 2022

Quoting BillK:

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>> Astronomers from the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Kyiv
>> have been tracking and studying a large number of UAPs that have been
>> flying over the warzone. By using simultaneous observations from two
>> tracking stations spaced 120 km apart, they were able to triangulate
>> their altitude, speed, size, and optical characteristics. They ranged
>> from being 10-15 km in altitude to 1170 km in altitude, travelling at
>> speeds of up to 15 km per second, and ranged from 3 to 12 meters
>> across in size. The scientists have classified the UFOs as either
>> "cosmics" or "phantoms" based on whether they emit or absorb light.
>> https://arxiv.org/pdf/2208.11215.pdf
>> https://nypost.com/2022/09/14/ukrainian-astronomers-claim-ufos-everywhere-over-kyiv/?utm_source=like2buy.curalate.com&crl8_id=66ab5525-26eb-493c-9724-70537d09c17d
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>> This is the crunchiest data on UFOs I have seen to date, and I am
>> interested to hear what you guys have to say about this.
>> Stuart LaForge
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> They are academics from the future studying 'How World War III started'.
> Obviously they have to follow non-intervention restrictions as that
> would affect their future world.
> BillK
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While the time-traveling future-historian hypothesis does seem to  
explain UAP's reticence to publically announce their presence or  
engage with people, it is just as unlikely as superluminal  
interstellar travel for all the same reasons. Einstein's theories of  
relativity indicate that both time-travel and superluminal speeds  
introduce causal paradoxes that seem to render them impossible. Then  
again, one could surmise that such paradoxes themselves are invoking  
some form cosmic censorship which is preventing UFOs from being  
clearly and directly observed or interacting with air or water without  
causing sonic booms and wakes.

However as claimed by the UK's Astronomer Royal Lord-Professor Martin  
Rees, aliens are likely machine intelligences as humans seem destined  
to become. Long-lived machines would probably not be inconvenienced by  
hundreds or thousands of years of transit time between stars. This  
would obviate the need for superluminal travel and avoid causal  
paradoxes. It would also explain how UAPs can perform maneuvers at  
hundreds or thousands of gees without killing their occupants.


Another possibility is that UFOs are, as you say, academics but coming  
from some manner of secret base located right here in the solar  
system, like a blind used by wild-life photographers here on Earth.  
That they are scientists or academics would also explain their  
reticence to interact directly with humans. After all, David  
Attenborough would never directly intervene in chimpanzee politics by  
wrestling the alpha male, for example.

Perhaps they are coming from a blind spot, like the Earth-Sun L3  
Lagrange point. Have we ever sent to probe to see what, if anything,  
might be there?

Stuart LaForge

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