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Sheesh I might be getting way out ahead of myself.  I don’t even know for sure if I am man enough to write a workable control system to make it ride upright, never mind follow the white line.

>…By the time you chop the bike for wind resistance (to go faster?) you don't have a "self riding bike" but instead a possibly suboptimal vehicle for your computer and camera.  If you're not pursuing e-bike to remove the need for downhill gravity, then I propose you might as well be using a skateboard…


I thought of that but there is no control system challenge to it really.  My scheme for distance keeping from the white line depends on triangulation, so you need cameras separated vertically.  A skateboard is poorly suited.  Also: I can get old junky bicycles from the local constables for nearly nothing, typically ten bucks, or even free if no one buys it at the quarterly auction.  I don’t recall seeing skateboards down there.



>…Perhaps you could get a rollerblade and return this experiment to the absurdity of a pair of rollerblade racers sans rider?


That would definitely look cool, ja?


>…Fwiw, I'm not sure the ideal use is racer.  I think you want a pizza delivery bot…


Ja, I am not really looking to make a tool, but rather just a toy.  It would be fun to trigger a kind of sport where amateur controls guys could do time trials and compete with each other.  I see it as evolutionary psychology Mike.  We evolved by out competing other tribes, other societies, other species.  Now, competition is as much an instinct in us as playing fetch to the golden retriever pup.


>…Flying drones get all the chicks, but the day to day is more realistically a dull "workhorse" of reliability and efficiency…


Ja, there are electric bikes one could rig up that I think will be a lot more practical than flying drones.  But if we go down that road, a three-wheel electric rig like flabmeisters use to navigate the aisles at Walmart is better than a bicycle.  


The three wheelers can stop anywhere, they can carry more chips and twinkies to the flabmeisters’ homes, they have good range, they aren’t even very expensive, because used ones are available at reasonable prices.  By the time the flabsters can no longer walk, they typically only have a few years of heartspan left.  Oh that is a grim way to look at it, but there is no need to sugarcoat that donut.


In any case, we are talking two different things.  I think a three-wheel adipose-hauler is a better delivery tool than a flying drone for small payload deliveries (bag of chips and a box of donuts, with a two-liter bottle of soda, whatever load of toxic food they want.)  But I still want to try the ghost bike notion.



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