[ExI] 3 axis accelerometer for ghost bike

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> Sheesh I might be getting way out ahead of myself.  I don’t even know for
> sure if I am man enough to write a workable control system to make it ride
> upright, never mind follow the white line.
By the time you chop the bike for wind resistance (to go faster?) you don't
have a "self riding bike" but instead a possibly suboptimal vehicle for
your computer and camera.  If you're not pursuing e-bike to remove the need
for downhill gravity, then I propose you might as well be using a

Oh wait, you wanted the controls challenge of keeping the bike from falling
over and skateboard is too stable?

Perhaps you could get a rollerblade and return this experiment to the
absurdity of a pair of rollerblade racers sans rider?

Fwiw, I'm not sure the ideal use is racer.  I think you want a pizza
delivery bot.  Flying drones get all the chicks, but the day to day is more
realistically a dull "workhorse" of reliability and efficiency.

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