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>… make sure no one is out there who would freak out to look in the mirror and see some invisible bicycle rider coming up on her ass….  Then we can race em!...spike




OK more ideas.  We don’t usually think too much about wind resistance on bicycles unless you are an athlete.  But if you have gotten way into the triple digits (American triple digits, 200 in km/h) on a motorcycle you already know how powerful wind resistance can be.


Think about the cross section area a stripped bicycle presents to the wind.  You have the steering crown up top, two forks and a front wheel.  For this application, I could (maybe) cut off one of the forks which might reduce frontal area by about a quarter.  We get the crank off of there, the gear cluster, all that stuff and maybe go to the effort of making trailing-edge tapers out of bondo or something.


Another idea: the rear bearings on a bicycle are designed for a lot more load than the front.  Go out to your bike, turn it upside down, spin both front and rear wheel, notice the rear will slow down and stop way before the front wheel.  OK then, I could remove the rear wheel, replace it with a front wheel from another bike, reduce rolling resistance.


Sheesh I might be getting way out ahead of myself.  I don’t even know for sure if I am man enough to write a workable control system to make it ride upright, never mind follow the white line.




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