[ExI] 3 axis accelerometer for ghost bike

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>…OK … we have a nice mountain nearby, Hamilton, elevation 4265 ft, drops a mile in the next 10:




>… make sure no one is out there who would freak out to look in the mirror and see some invisible bicycle rider coming up on her ass….  Then we can race em!...spike




OK cool, so suppose I can get this bicycle to track the white line.  We take off the handlebar, the pedals, the seat, eeeeverything we don’t need, get it offa there, leave only the frame, forks, and the computer.  A bicycle rolling resistance is very low and you get something with as small cross section as a stripped bike, oh that rig would hauuuul aaaaasssss down a nice slope.


But wait, there’s more.  We could bolt on a heavy hunk of steel once we make dang sure we can do this without smacking some hapless prole coming the other way of course (Clarence what’s that thing comAAAEEEEE!)   I can envision getting something like that kiting down at twice the legal freeway speed limit.  What I don’t know is how far it would travel and could you ever find it if you got er going that fast.


Hey cool!  We get our motorcycle racer buddies to chase it with those helmet cam rigs, a GoPro.  Or hey, I have a GoPro, I bet we could get some spectacular video.








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