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>…Self-riding bike.  I am having trouble coming up with an image for that.  bill w


Eh, imagine a big empty sloped parking lot.


Oh wait, Mississippi.  OK imagine driving north about 5 hours and finding an empty parking lot with a nice gentle slope.  Take a old junky bicycle up to the high end and roll it down.  Gyro effect of the wheels will keep it upright until it slows down to about a fast walking speed.


Now imagine software that reacts and keeps it upright until it is going slow walking speed.


OK now suppose phase 2 includes software that keeps the bicycle about 2 meters from the white line.  Get that going, then… we have a nice mountain nearby, Hamilton, elevation 4265 ft, drops a mile in the next 10:




Fun motorcycle road is that.  We would need to go out there with radios at about 0500, make sure no one is out there who would freak out to look in the mirror and see some invisible bicycle rider coming up on her ass.  Then we see how fast that bicycle would get going before catastrophic spectacular epic fail.  Ideally we could station proles right at the most likely hairpin failure sites to record the destruction.  Post to YouTube, get lotsa followers, sell ads, make a buttload.  More importantly, other amateur controls engineers would see it and want to play too.  Then we can race em!






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