[ExI] 3 axis accelerometer for ghost bike

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My Porsch Taycan had an accelerometer next to the speedometer.

The blue dot in the middle would move around indicating your acceleration in that direction.

It was fun to get it over 1G.  My record was 1.32 Gs, on a real sticky road.

I didn't like going over the speed limit, but I did like getting up to the speed limit very fast.


Alas, I've sold that, and now have a lucid Air.  I wish the heck it had an accelerometer.

Any chance I could use this to build something like that, and mount it on the dashboard of my Lucid?








Brent!  Taycan?  Lucid?  My apologies, I have treated you with insufficient respect sir!


But you wouldn’t need to build it.  Anything this easy to do already has a commercial product:




There are probably a lotta products like this.  If they were in your Taycster, somebody was mass producing them.  Shouldn’t be hard to find.



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