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>>... Kevlar suits are already rain and wind resistant, so no need for the theatrical wet windbreakers, already made for having 70 mph winds, sturdy, tight fitting, protective, microphone already built into a protective full face helmet ...
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Hi Spike

>...I agree that the TV news likes dramatic pictures which attract viewers. TV news is mostly for entertainment nowadays anyway.
Nothing better than a huge wave soaking a reporter!  :)

>...But think about the expenses claims. A plastic waterproof poncho is less than ten dollars. A kevlar suit plus helmet and microphone would likely be over 1000 dollars  No way will that get authorised!  :)



Ja.  Of course in any news agency, somebody somewhere rides and good chance somebody somewhere in that organization already has a riding suit.  All ya needs to do is introduce a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it on national news, your fifteen minutes of fame etc.  She cheerfully supplies the riding gear.

I was browsing central Florida local news stations and some fool was out there in the dripping windbreaker with a baseball cap on his head.  He tilted his head back at the (probably pre-planned moment while facing into about a 30 mph wind, and WHOOPS good luck ever finding that again, har har.

Well hell, who do you think you're fooling?  Not us.

All this brings me to the real point.  When they are doing goofy stuff like this to grab attention, are we less fooled now than we were 30 years ago before the internet?  I think we are collectively waaaay more sophisticated now.


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