[ExI] fake news again was: ian came home

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Barring the man on the street, everyone you see on TV is an actor with a
script. Esp. 'reality shows' -  bill w

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> >...All this brings me to the real point.  When they are doing goofy stuff
> like this to grab attention, are we less fooled now than we were 30 years
> ago before the internet?  I think we are collectively waaaay more
> sophisticated now.  spike
> But what if... someone gets their fifteen minutes of fame for doing
> something goofy?  Note that legitimate reporting is quickly forgotten, but
> the silly exaggerated stuff we remember and ridicule years after the fact.
> This one in the link is always good for a laugh.  The silly fool leaned
> away from the wind, acting like a tree instead of leaning into it, the way
> even a cow (a stupid COW fer cryin out loud) understands:
> https://youtu.be/tocuyJ1Fu7U
> spike
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