[ExI] just for fun on a friday morning: rap and unbearable reflection

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I am told this is the earliest known rap recording.  Dang these guys are







Likely you have seen this one by now, as it has been making the rounds:




This video gives me half a mind to set up a mirror somewhere where I might
repeat the experiment for a reason: I don't know if bears will become
self-aware.  Some dogs recognize themselves in a mirror and others do not.
Most cats don't react at all to a mirror, but it isn't clear if that means
they don't recognize the image as a cat or if they know they are looking at
themselves and don't care.  A house dog will eventually figure it out, as
chimps will and human babies do.  My son was aged 5 months when he realized
he was looking at himself and dad in the mirror:



OK so what about bears?  This one in the video wrecked the mirror, but
suppose we set it up again (after he leaves (well after.))  Will he try to
fight it again?  Or did he learn anything by making a fool of himself?  Does
he get the notion of making a fool of himself?  Some dogs seem to get it
when they have been fooled, and the humans are laughing at him.  They show
something like embarrassment (some do.)  



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