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>>.Notice something interesting: politicians are using this storm as proof
that global warming is causing increasing amounts of damage from storms.
But just the opposite is true.  2022 is still a lower than average storm



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>.The increased damage is indeed caused by there being more people in
affected areas rather than because storms are worse. As you noted, they are
not. One factor to keep in mind: More people are in harm's way because the
government uses our tax dollars to subsidize flood insurance. Max



Ja.  If you ask yanks what was the worst storm of 2022, they will answer in
unison IAN!  But Fiona was a waaaaay bigger storm, half again more energy.
Most people never heard of it because it didn't cause much damage.  The
biggest known storms are nothingburgers if they never encounter land.  We
can imagine dolphins jumping out of the water into 160 mph winds and
wondering whaaaaat in the heeeellllll just happened, but nobody cares about
them.  We are deplorably homocentric!  We should care about confused


But Max is right.  We are creating a grand illusion with our insurance
policies and FEMA.






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