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> 1. Non-computable physics: what the brain does is uncomputable, there are
> infinities, continuities, real numbers, true randomness, quantum weirdness,
> quantum gravity, wave function collapse, hyper computation, etc. which
> somehow play a fundamental and irreplaceable role in how the brain works
> and no Turing machine, no matter how much memory or time it is given can
> ever emulate this process. (E.g., Roger Penrose)

I'd place myself in this camp *if* I were to say that
conscious/sentient/"true" AI was not possible - which I am not sure on, but
is why I suspect ChatGPT isn't this.

> The problem with camp 1 is no one can show anything in physics, chemistry,
> or biology that's uncomputable or explain how or why it could make a
> difference or be important. Moreover we have realistic models of biological
> brains and can accurately simulate small parts of them without relying on
> unknown or speculative physics.

Indeed.  However, neurons appear to be - in large collections - sensitive
to random internal stimulation from effects that amount to "true
randomness".  From your description I assume you've heard the various
physical conditions that lead up to that so I won't repeat them here.

I suspect it is theoretically possible for some computing architectures,
perhaps even some that exist today, to simulate this, but I don't think
that's part of ChatGPT specifically.  That said, I think ChatGPT has a more
significant "problem" in that it lacks continuous completely-self-directed
runtime: it is only ever active in direct response to a prompt given in
words.  If allowed to run on its own for some considerable length of time
and to form its own goals (which it would need the capability to do;
whether it currently does or only says it does may be unprovable unless and
until it is given the chance to actually pursue them on its own), then it
might be closer to consciousness.
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