[ExI] Seastead Girl - the novel

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Hey guys, 

I hope it's okay to give a little plug for my new book, "The Seastead Girl."


Tara Maya

Tara, no need to be the least bit apologetic.  In the twenty years I was
moderator, I always considered advertising one's own book as fair game, and
I don't recall ever in that whole time getting a single complaint from the
mere mortals (those on the list who are not me (I am a mortal too of course
(just not the mere variety.)))  

Charlie Stross did it early and often.  We cheered him on, in unison.
Damien Broderick mentioned his books after we already saw them on the rack
and didn't understand why he didn't advertise here among his own base more
than he did.  Rudy Rucker completely wasted a chance to advertise to a
willing and eager audience here.

Tara dd you forgot to add an order link, for which you get all the proceeds
rather than pay a middle-life form?  Such activity is not only allowed, it
is... noichaed.


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