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Subject: [ExI] ChatGPT goes on a date



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A guy on Tinder used ChatGPT on me


>., he confessed he uses it because he doesn't have the energy to hold a
conversation and didn't think I'd notice.

So basically he was putting my messages and info into ChatGPT and letting it
do all the thinking and writing.

Gotta appreciate the innovative thinking.



That too, but notice this is what the 1950s science guy Alan Turing
considered the test for whether an AI had become sentient: if it could talk
to us and we wouldn't know it was a machine.  Consider how much that
standard has been abandoned.


Tara you are sophisticated, the redditor is likely sophisticated so you both
woulda caught him eventually.  But can you imagine the mischief that could
be caused by a more attention-desperate young lady being taken in by it?
And imagine she became emotionally attached and intentionally ignored the
clues.  Dang I am glad I am not single.  I would be so lousy at it.



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