[ExI] ChatGPT goes on a date

Tara Maya tara at taramayastales.com
Sun Apr 2 02:23:50 UTC 2023

Posted on Reddit: 

A guy on Tinder used ChatGPT on me
His first message was addressing all the points on my profile. My first thought was that this guy actually read my whole profile and attempted to strike a conversation with like every point? What a catch.
It wasn't until I mentioned I was sick after a few messages which prompted him to send me "Tips on Recovery and that was when ChatGPT's sentence and paragraph structure became extremely obvious to me.
When I called him out on it, he confessed he uses it because he doesn't have the energy to hold a conversation and didn't think I'd notice.
So basically he was putting my messages and info into ChatGPT and letting it do all the thinking and writing.
Gotta appreciate the innovative thinking.
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