[ExI] Does the computational theory of mind imply a "soul"?

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Does the computational theory of mind imply a "soul"?


This is very interesting. May I quote you in my blog?


Tara Maya


Tara, our local sci-fi authors have mined ExI Chat for material since always.  Charlie Stross and Damien Broderick both posted to the list asking permission, and both times I posted “For myself, anything I post to ExI is considered public domain by me, take it, no need to give credit to me, etc.”  Others followed.  I don’t recall anyone ever denying permission or claiming intellectual credit.


In Damien’s nonfiction book The Spike (not about me, just a fortunate coincidence that he preferred that term to describe the Singularity) he gave me credit by name for the Mersenne Prime grand adventure (the cool prediction stuff the mathematicians insisted cannot be done.)


I cannot speak for the others Tara, but I am honored if a creative writer takes my ideas and runs with them.  No credit necessary, say nice things about me here if you wish.  Anything I post here or anywhere online may be treated as public domain.  Best wishes and good luck with your book.  Maya you live long and prosper.  Maya you sell a jillion copies.



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