[ExI] What is Consciousness?

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Hi Rafael,
I'm still failing to communicate the point.  Let me try this.  Physical
properties can be used as 'codes' to represent information, as long as you
have a dictionary defining those codes.  Redness is a physical property
which can represent, or be a code for 'red' information.  If you put a
red/green signal inverter between the retina and optic nerve, this changes
the dictionary so the code for 'red', becomes a greenness physical
property.  The question is, which of all our descriptions of stuff in the
brain is a description of that greenness quality, that is now a code for

If "The specificity of coding for colors comes from their location within
the neural net", what is it that makes one location have a physical redness
quality, and the other code for red location have a greenness quality?
This is what you are ignoring.

P.S.  We added Color-tuned neurons are spatially clustered according to
color preference within alert macaque posterior inferior temporal cortex
<https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.0810943106> as another example
of problematic observation of
color qualities in the brain
that is preventing us from knowing the true qualities of things, rather
than the color qualities things just seem to be.

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>> Oh, YES Rafal,
>> This is exactly the way Steven Lehar has proposed color
>> conscious knowledge works.  (I just sent this link to him)  Our knowledge
>> of the strawberry is laid out in the primary visual cortex, a pixel in our
>> conscious knowledge for each point on the retina.  So these circles (one
>> for each pixel) can rotate between redness(glutamateness) and
>> greenes(glyceneness) or any other color, as that particular pixel changes
>> from red to green, on the surface of the strawberry.
> ### I don't know where you are getting this fixation on glutamate from.
> The coding strategy has nothing to do with glutamate vs other
> neurotransmitters. Red and green coding neurons are the same class of
> neurons with the same neurotransmitters. The specificity of coding for
> colors comes from their location within the neural net, or in other words
> from their respective patterns of connections to other neurons. Also, the
> color cortex is not the primary visual cortex, it's on an intermediate
> level in the visual center hierarchy. Also, color is assigned only to a
> very small fraction of inputs from the retina, specifically to the foveal
> (central) part of the visual field.
> Rafal
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