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I could give this one a partial success, and give it credit for being good
at looking up stuff.  But part of the information is false and it missed
something really super important.


It says it was available in displacements of 1140cc and 1400cc, but it was
available only in 1360cc, and part of the suspension info is wrong: it had
springs up front, and the air shocks were only available on the top end
models.  But no biggie, let's go to the second question.



Spike:  what do you know about the suzuki cavalcade


The Suzuki Cavalcade was a touring motorcycle produced by the Japanese
manufacturer Suzuki from 1986 to 1988. It was available in two engine
displacements: 1,140 cc and 1,400 cc. The Cavalcade was designed to compete
with other luxury touring motorcycles of its time, such as the Honda Gold
Wing and Yamaha Venture.

The Suzuki Cavalcade was known for its smooth ride and comfortable touring
features, including a large fairing, spacious seating, and a trunk and
saddlebags for storage. It also had an advanced suspension system for its
time, with air-assisted front forks and a rear air-assisted shock.

Despite its advanced features, the Cavalcade was only produced for a few
years due to low sales. However, it remains a beloved motorcycle among some
riders and is remembered for its unique design and advanced features.

Spike:  do you know of any design shortcomings or flaws in the cavalcade?


While the Suzuki Cavalcade was generally well-received by riders and
motorcycle enthusiasts, there were a few design shortcomings and flaws that
were identified over time. Some of these include:

1.	Weight: The Suzuki Cavalcade was a heavy motorcycle, especially when
compared to its competitors. This made it less maneuverable and harder to
handle for some riders, particularly in tight turns or at low speeds.
2.	Fuel Economy: The Cavalcade's large engine size and weight made it
less fuel-efficient than some other touring motorcycles. This could be a
drawback for riders who were looking for a touring motorcycle that was more
economical to operate.
3.	Cooling system: Some riders reported issues with the Cavalcade's
cooling system, particularly with the thermostat and the fan switch. These
issues could lead to overheating, which could be a serious problem during
long rides.
4.	Electrical problems: Some Cavalcade owners reported problems with
the electrical system, including issues with the charging system, starter
motor, and ignition. These issues could be expensive to repair and could
impact the motorcycle's reliability.

Overall, while the Suzuki Cavalcade was a well-designed and advanced touring
motorcycle for its time, it did have some design shortcomings and flaws that
riders should be aware of.



Well dang.  What I was looking for was some kind of knowledge that the
Cavalcade had a design flaw which could cause the rear wheel to lock up
without warning.  Clearly ChatGPT didn't find the Cavalcade owners group
online, even though the complete archive is available.


But no worries, this isn't a good test of GPT's sentience anyway.  Stand by
for NEWS!



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