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Long post, skip to the last paragraph if you are in a hurry.





Spike: what do you know about bexarotene?




Bexarotene is a prescription medication that is used to treat certain types
of cancer, specifically cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). It belongs to a
class of drugs called retinoids, which are related to Vitamin A.

Bexarotene works by binding to retinoid receptors on cancer cells, which can
help to slow down or stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. It is
typically taken in capsule form, and the dosage and duration of treatment
may vary depending on the individual's condition and response to the

While bexarotene can be an effective treatment option for some people with
CTCL, it can also cause side effects. Some of the common side effects of
bexarotene include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and
changes in blood lipid levels. In rare cases, it can also cause more serious
side effects such as liver damage, pancreatitis, and blood clotting

As with any prescription medication, it is important to talk to a healthcare
professional before taking bexarotene. They can help determine whether this
medication is appropriate for an individual's specific condition, and
monitor them for any potential side effects while they are taking the



OK so far so good.



Spike:  is bexarotene a possible treatment for alzheimer's patients?



Bexarotene has been studied as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's
disease, but the results of these studies have been mixed and inconclusive.

In 2012, a study published in the journal Science reported that bexarotene
was able to rapidly improve cognitive function in mice with Alzheimer's-like
symptoms by clearing beta-amyloid plaques from the brain. This study
generated a great deal of excitement in the scientific community, and there
was hope that bexarotene could be a promising new treatment for Alzheimer's

However, subsequent studies have not been able to replicate these results in
humans. In fact, a clinical trial published in 2016 found that bexarotene
was not effective in improving cognitive function in people with Alzheimer's

At this time, bexarotene is not an approved treatment for Alzheimer's
disease, and it is not recommended for this purpose. While research into new
treatments for Alzheimer's disease continues, there is currently no cure for
this devastating condition.



Well, ok then.  Punchline coming:


Spike:  would bexarotene get past the blood brain barrier if I dissolve it
in warm ethanol?


It is not advisable to attempt to dissolve bexarotene in warm ethanol or any
other solvent in an attempt to increase its ability to cross the blood-brain
barrier. While it is true that some substances may be able to cross the
blood-brain barrier more easily when they are dissolved in certain solvents,
this approach is not appropriate for all substances, and it can be

Bexarotene is a prescription medication that should only be taken under the
supervision of a healthcare professional. The dosage and route of
administration of bexarotene are carefully controlled in order to ensure its
safety and effectiveness. Attempting to dissolve bexarotene in a solvent or
to take it in any other form or dosage than what has been prescribed by a
doctor can be dangerous and may increase the risk of side effects or other

If you have questions or concerns about your treatment with bexarotene, it
is important to speak with your doctor or other healthcare provider. They
can provide you with more information about the medication and help you
determine the best course of action for your individual needs.



OK then.  What this showed is that even though ChatGPT demonstrated nothing
which convinced me that it groks the question, it did give what I think is
the right answer, and the one likely to be found on the internet.


There is a story behind why I asked GPT this question, and why I was damn
well hoping it wouldn't ponder it for a few milliseconds, then come back
with something like: Well, it seems like a reasonable approach to get warm
alcohol to carry bexarotene across the blood brain barrier you
bio-intelligences have, but I couldn't say because I don't have neither a
brain nor a barrier.  Try it, come back and tell me how it worked, if you


It didn't do that.  So... I give it a check mark on that one.


Now you see the nature of the game I am proposing: ask ChatGPT something you
already know a lot about, see if it comes back with anything unlikely to be
found on the internet, and anything that even vaguely resembles insight or




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