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LOL. This is an example of why ChatGPT is fun to spark fiction ideas. At first I read this answer as "A person who was skilled at losing their arm..."


...which made me imagine a person in the future who frequently loses arms, because it's so easy to get prosthetic replacements. So he's great at learning to use his replacement quickly, having so much experience and skill!




This is hilarious, but a confounding factor might be the subtle double meaning of the term “arm.”  Reread what ChatGPT wrote in light of the fact that its training database (the internet) likely has the term arm to mean that which American citizens have the right to bear which shall not be infringed.  One can lose that, get a replacement, become skilled once again, etc, having visited the local arms merchant rather than the medics.


Propose repeating the experiment using the term leg.





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