[ExI] chatgpt test 2: mostly successful was RE: chatgpt test 1: fail

Giovanni Santostasi gsantostasi at gmail.com
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I'm not sure NLMs work in that way. This particular instance of GPT-4 I
used doesn't have access to the web. It was trained on web data but it
doesn't go and retrieve relevant information when trying to answer a query.
I want to learn more about the intricate details of the NLM and I already
bought books (like the Wolfram one) and downloaded several articles and
But my current understanding is that the training on the data created
connections and weights among concepts and data, which is much similar to
our brain creating connections, memories, and associations. It is possible
that somehow there is a "memory" of the Exl chat where you mentioned
sipping alcohol in association with Bexarotene.  But I'm inclined to think
that it did that association by itself and it had a spark of creativity. To
be honest, also human creativity works a bit in that way where we make
unexpected associations based on similar experiences we had but maybe in
another domain, we change the context of the situation and so on.
Still, I find the story it created just incredible if one stops for a
second and tries to understand what just happened there.
>From a small and relatively unprecise prompt (that needed to be understood
and put in the correct context) GPT-4 made up a story in mere seconds. It
was not just relevant, it had a logical sequence, it had the right
emotional settings, and it did an interesting association between sipping a
glass of wine in a pensive manner and coming up with a relevant innovation
(the title was The Breakthrough), that animal studies are necessary before
human testing and that positive results in these studies were necessary to
be allowed to test on humans.
I really don't think GPT-4 simply looks up at its memory to generate
content, it really creates it based on previous training.

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> Giovanni, I am all for being polite and respectful.  You know I think the
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