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>>…Giovanni, I am all for being polite and respectful.  You know I think the world of you pal.  But I flatly refuse your request.



From: Giovanni Santostasi <gsantostasi at gmail.com> 
Subject: Re: [ExI] chatgpt test 2: mostly successful was RE: chatgpt test 1: fail


>…I'm not sure NLMs work in that way. … 
I really don't think GPT-4 simply looks up at its memory to generate content, it really creates it based on previous training. 

OK cool thx, and I agree that was a fun story it generated.  I have little doubt that software will eventually take over a lot of things we now have humans doing, and some of that will be writing.  I can imagine a lot of technical writing is already at least assisted by chatbots.  For a while, in the period where AI-generated fiction is a novelty, we may prefer it to its BI-generated counterpart, just because it is fun to see it progress.

This would be analogous to bots racing motorcycles, which I still want to see, and still isn’t there, but we dang well know it is coming.  Bots can take risks that humans cannot, and are lighter, have less wind resistance and so forth.  We are waiting to see bots break lap time records on well-known local tracks which plenty of my own friends have ridden, such as Laguna Seca raceway.

Regarding my comment: no.  I still flatly refuse to extend politeness to a chatbot.  I might go there eventually, but not with ChatGPT4, nope.  This is not to say it isn’t impressive: it dang sure is impressive.  I just don’t believe I will hurt its feelings.



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