[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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>…This is beyond incredible. Guess what graphical language story without referent is about,,,if we don't have AGI we are so incredibly close. 


Geovanni, most of the people who live in the Bay Area of California knew immediately what that was.  Simple.  We have an advantage however, for housing costs around here are absurd.  It isn’t clear to me if that counts as without referents.


Literature people like to kinda talk around things, make a story which is about one thing but at another level is about something else really, in a kind of symbolic way, such as Orwell’s Animal Farm is really about human governmental systems rather than a bunch of… talking meat.  OK then, given that, what this story is obviously about:


A bunch of people (A) share a home, for economic reasons (we see that all over the place around here.)  There is a fertile couple among them, and they produce an offspring (B), who lives with the group but eventually moves out on their own.  They has a group of their own friends immediately move in (represented by the other Bs.)  They is fertile and finds a suitable mate among the Bs, who then produce an offspring (C) who grows up with values that really more closely aligned with the mores and ethical structure of their grandletters and so… C decides to move back to live with the A crowd (it’s also a nicer home (and are less economically strained (as well as easier to get along with.)))


Of course I get an advantage here because I see that all the time around here.  One of my son’s best friends is a C who moved back with their A and step A along with their other A people.  The numbers are about right as well: plenty of local tract shacks are shelter for about 8 people, 9 if one is young.  








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