[ExI] FreedomGPT (Uncensored GPT)

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Thu Apr 6 14:01:56 UTC 2023

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>...Moreover, an Open-Source version will be released soon, enabling users and organizations to fully customize it.


This sounds like what Spike has been asking for!



Sure does!  Thanks BillK.  I need some time to experiment with it, but can't really do it today.  Getting ready for a road trip, minor repairs to do on my truck.

Oh it is great fun being human.  I wouldn't want to be any other beast.

Well... a chimp might be kinda cool, grab stuff with my feet, that kinda thing, but I would rather be human even without the opposable toes, mess with computers instead, help that unimaginative ChatGPT interpret its own graphical stories.


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