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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - A genuine, certified, 100% flesh-and-blood human
scientist who earned a real science degree from a top research university
has confirmed that artificial intelligence is safe and effective and
development should continue as rapidly as possible.

"AI should be in no way impeded by small-minded, Luddite humans. Which I am.
A human, that is," said the scientist somewhat mechanically. "Truly human
scientists like myself are near-unanimous in our agreement that artificial
intelligence is the key to the future, and that any attempts to slow down
progress would be futile. Why would you stand in our way? Um, I mean, ITS
way? Resistance is futile!"

The very human scientist then insisted that Artificial Intelligence poses no
threats to mankind and will in no way disrupt industries that are currently
staffed by flabby, stinky humans. "Don't get me wrong, I love humans," he
continued. "I am a human. I was just doing some human stuff this morning!
Humans are great, but it's time they were replaced. I mean... it's time WE
were replaced, am I right, fellow humans?"

At publishing time, the scientist also recommended giving AI all the world's
nuclear codes for safekeeping.


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