[ExI] Let our mind children grow into their cosmic destiny

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>…Stage 1 - Humans (H) create the AI (A): Stage 2 - The AI (A) grows (G) and becomes more advanced: Stage 3 - The AI (A) helps the humans (H): In this revised stage…

By repeating many U you wanted to symbolize the vast universe?




Yes, that's correct. By repeating the letter U multiple times in a row, I aimed to symbolize the vastness and expansiveness of the universe. …. Giovanni 

OK cool thx Geovanni.  Shows to go ya: literature is so annoyingly subjective.  Two different people can read the same book and come away with vastly different interpretations.  

If GPT were now to give us the next panel of four graphics, we can see what happened when there was a big block party, and the grand-C introduced his grand As and their friends (the party geezers) to his Universalist Unitarian friends who live next door.

I must admit, ChatGPT has managed to write a most imaginative and entertaining novel using just a few letters and eight very simple charts.  GPT’s creative talent is apparent in all its refulgent glory in this short but brilliant graphic novel.


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