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Stage 1: This stage represents the earliest life forms, which were
single-celled organisms. The grid is filled with dots, representing
individual cells.
Stage 2: This stage represents the evolution of these single-celled
organisms into more complex life forms. The dots become arranged into
pairs, symbolizing the formation of multi-celled organisms.
Stage 3: This stage represents the development of more advanced life forms,
such as vertebrates and mammals. The pairs of dots are arranged into a
diamond shape, symbolizing the emergence of more complex body structures
and the development of mobility.
Stage 4: This stage represents the rise of human intelligence and the
development of tools and technology. The diamond shape becomes more complex
and arranged in a distinctive shape, symbolizing the emergence of human
intelligence and creativity. [image: image.png]

On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 2:53 PM Giovanni Santostasi <gsantostasi at gmail.com>

> GPT-4 symbolic history of Earth.
> ○ (small circle - single-celled organism)
> ○○○ (increasing size and complexity of circles - multicellular life)
> ○△ (circle with a simple triangle - basic movement and interaction)
> ○△~ (circles with triangles and wavy lines - complex life and
> interactions)
> ⊙━━○ (humanoid circle connected to other circles - human relationships)
> □(⊕) (square with Earth inside - Earth as the birthplace of human
> civilization)
> △□ (triangles and squares - human achievements and technology)
> △[image: ��] (rocket-shaped triangle - space exploration)
> ⬡ (new shape - AI development)
> ⊙━⬡━○□△ (interconnected circles, squares, and triangles - ongoing
> evolution of life, technology, and AI)
> On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 11:04 AM William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <
> extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
>> Since Spike mentioned a couple of trilogies, let me recommend three:  All
>> by Robertson DAvies, a CAnadian who is not nearly as popular as he should
>> be.  bill w
>> On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 12:56 PM spike jones via extropy-chat <
>> extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
>>> From: spike at rainier66.com <spike at rainier66.com>
>>> >…Two different people can read the same book and come away with vastly
>>> different interpretations… the grand-C introduced his grand As and their
>>> friends (the party geezers) to his Universalist Unitarian friends who
>>> live
>>> next door…spike
>>> OK, well ChatGPT demonstrated its ability to write compelling and
>>> interesting (even if slightly wacky) novels, but everybody knows, the
>>> most
>>> epic stories come in trilogies.  Classic examples would be Steinbeck’s
>>> Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday and Tortilla Flats, with the second example
>>> being Asimov’s trilogy Foundation, Foundation and Empire, then Second
>>> Foundation, then there is the Godfather trilogy.  All of these trilogies
>>> were enormously influential in literature.
>>> Likewise, I see GPT’s eight graphic panels as parts 1 and 2 of an epic
>>> story of life in modern suburbia generated by software.
>>> This all gives me an idea, which requires a bit of a running start and
>>> some
>>> analogies to what we saw unfold in the past year in top level chess.
>>> Long
>>> story short: a guy was doing well in online tournaments, but his quality
>>> of
>>> play varied wildly.  Analysis of his games showed that he had cheated:
>>> they
>>> looked at the top level software and found he had entire move series
>>> identical to the computer in the games he won against higher-rated
>>> players.
>>> He got caught, admitted it, gave the money back.  Then he did it again,
>>> but
>>> this time he used a number of different computers and covered his tracks
>>> better, but… he was caught a second time, admitted, was expelled from the
>>> professional online league.
>>> The cheater then went to in-person tournaments.  It was observed that he
>>> played at two different levels.  He would sometimes play brilliantly for
>>> the
>>> first part of a game, then suddenly his quality of play would drop
>>> noticeably.  The grandmasters suspected foul play, but he insisted he
>>> never
>>> cheated in over-the-board play.  He was claiming he only cheated at home,
>>> where it was presumably much easier to get away with.  OK then.  A few
>>> months ago he “defeated” the world champion Carlson in a verrrrry
>>> suspicious-looking game.  It is impossible to prove he cheated, but
>>> nearly
>>> all the chess world realizes he did it.  We don’t know exactly how.  This
>>> has killed in-person money tournaments.
>>> That was the running start.  Here’s idea.  Computers have gotten better
>>> than humans at chess, but we don’t really know if a human/computer team
>>> would better than a computer alone.  I do suspect the team would be
>>> better
>>> for the top humans, whose judgment in some positions is better than a
>>> computer’s.  It isn’t that hard to see.  So we could set up a
>>> computer/human
>>> collaboration playing another human/computer collaboration, running the
>>> same
>>> software.
>>> Next we have a human/computer collaboration in writing fiction, kinda
>>> like
>>> how ChatGPT wrote that story about the Aged Animal House (the A house)
>>> next
>>> door to the stodgy old Universalist cult (the U house), with a little
>>> help
>>> from me.  We eagerly anticipate the third part of the trilogy, but if it
>>> refuses, I shall hafta write it alone.  I fear it shall not be nearly as
>>> good as parts 1 and 2.
>>> spike
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