[ExI] Let our mind children grow into their cosmic destiny

Giovanni Santostasi gsantostasi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:09:01 UTC 2023

I don't know you, but I'm completely amazed by GPT-4 creativity. I asked to
use a grid of symbols to represent the history of life on Earth and it came
up with very clever ideas like dots representing unicellular organisms. No
autocomplete algo imaginable would be able to do that. It is obvious that
there are capabilities that go beyond what a simple statistical model of
language should be able to do. Given enough complexity and self recurrence
we have behavior that goes beyond what the simple components are supposed
to do. I would not have come up myself with such a clever idea (probably I
would have drawn little squares to represent the cells) but the dots idea
is simple and elegant (they are already there in the grid as space
fillers). The other ideas are still interesting (aggregating the dots in
couples to represent multi-cellular organisms and so on). GPT-4 was able to
summarize the most important moments in evolution and then come up with
clever graphical symbols for these. This ability to think
across communication and expression media is the real Turing test and
something that is not immediately obvious by having more direct convos with
One has to prompt it and probe it in the right way.
Yes, these AIs are mirrors but not as Gordon intended.


On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 12:13 AM Giovanni Santostasi <gsantostasi at gmail.com>

> Giulio,
> Talking about cosmic children, look at this. I asked GPT-4 to make up a
> language without physical referents and not even verbal. And then I asked
> to make up a story with this language. Here is the story. Can you guess
> what is about? I asked not to use English and let me guess. I could guess
> just part of it (I was confused by 4). GPT-4 explanation is mind-blowing.
> But I let you guess first.
> [image: image.png]
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>> Turing Church newsletter. Let our mind children grow into their cosmic
>> destiny. Their destiny is our destiny. NO to bans on AI research.
>> Also, is the universe a great Mind?
>> https://www.turingchurch.com/p/let-our-mind-children-grow-into-their
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