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> > A pleasure to meet you Daniel. It's funny we have a rather similar
> background (working on large scale storage systems), and I would
> > also classify myself as some mixture of technologist and philosopher.
> >
> Interesting! I wonder if we ever met or walked past each other at any of
> the big storage vendors conventions? What storage systems did you work
> with?

It's quite possible. I attended and presented at the Storage Network
Industry Association's "Sorage Developer Conference" a number of years as
well as at the Usenix "File and Storage Technology" conference a couple of
years. I helped develop an erasure code based dispersed storage at a
company called Cleversafe which later became IBM Cloud Object Storage.

> > I have a few open source projects that might interest you. In particular
> there's one that straddles the two realms of technology and
> > philosophy. It's an experiment in artificial life and simulated
> evolution of neural networks. I think it raises many philosophical
> > questions, such as whether these entities are consciousness, or do they
> feel pleasure or pain, and if they aren't consciousness, when
> > similar life is, what's missing?
> >
> > https://github.com/jasonkresch/bots
> >
> Thank you, but sadly my programming abilities stop with advanced
> scripting, so from a philosophical point of view I like it, but I'm afraid
> I cannot contribute a lot to the technical side.

No worries. It's fun to play with in any case. It only needs a system with
the Java Development Kit installed for it to compile and run. (an install
script is included as well ;-) )


> > If you are seeking other similar places I can second the recommendation
> for the everything-list, especially it's earlier history
> > (it's unfortunately fallen off a bit more recently). There's also the
> website lesswrong on which people write posts and others
> > critique their argument/thesis in the comments. I don't know how active
> it still is but there's a lot of good material on it.
> >
> Lesswrong I know. I'm curious given the reviews of the Eliezer guy on this
> list, what the opinion of this project is? I also had a look at his 1000+
> page book, and just the size of it and the introduction kind of put me
> off.
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