[ExI] More mailing lists of this calibre?

efc at swisscows.email efc at swisscows.email
Fri Apr 7 19:54:21 UTC 2023

> It's quite possible. I attended and presented at the Storage Network Industry Association's "Sorage Developer Conference" a number of
> years as well as at the Usenix "File and Storage Technology" conference a couple of years. I helped develop an erasure code based
> dispersed storage at a company called Cleversafe which later became IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick... the world is a small place.

I worked at Cleversafe too while it was still located on the IIT campus. Please say 
hello to Chris if you still have any contact with him. I still wonder how 
much my hypothetical shares in the company would have been worth if I ever 
bothered to follow up on them (which I never did). ;)

Best regards,

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