[ExI] where is my housekeeping robot?

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>.Sorry for grumping, but it's two days to Easter, I'm going to have a house
full of kids high on sugar, and my house looks like it's in Kiev.

Tara Maya



Hi Tara,


I do sincerely hope this take will help improve your morale.  There are
acceptable sugar-free Easter treats now.  I can't tell the difference
between them and the sugar kind, other than the after-effects.  Much of the
stimulant effect is not just the sugar, but the caffeine in chocolate.  


The mom is the final authority in most homes.  If the childring get carob or
cocao flavored almond butter, the worst likely outcome is they will post on
their face book page what their mean mom did to them.  Then when they are
the age you are now with your grandchildren the age they are now, they will
post on their face book page what a wonderful marvelous mom they had and how
they do all the same things to their children that you did to them, for all
the same reasons.


Then you will fondly remember the days when you had a houseful of children
bouncing off the damn walls, driving you to the brink of insanity, to the
point where you sometimes had to ponder the meaning of life, at times even
ponder the meaning of "life" in the context of the courtroom.


Regarding your last point: I have a good friend whose elderly mother lives
in a house that looks like it is in Kiev, because it is.


Perspective is everything pal.  We are cheering for ya and hoping for the
best always.








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