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I would not object to smarter ads.  However, an old study showed that
nothing mattered between ads other than how much TV time the product got.
So if you are selling Tide, show it as much as possible.

I watch the Tennis Channel a lot.  The ads are repeated an unbelievable
number of times during an afternoon.  What you don't want if you are a TV
producer is creating a situation where the viewer is likely to change
channels because of your ads.

Can the AIs perform meta-analyses?  Maybe they can figure out what's
important in ads and what isn't.  Doesn't mean that we will enjoy them
more.    bill w

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> > That said, something like this project's "continuous mode" would be
> needed to accomplish the task it claims to be built for.
> > Do you have any examples?  Not just of it being used to create content
> that people can do outreach with, but of it itself actually doing the
> outreach.
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> Yea, that's just what the internet needs - more advertising!
> Thousands of ChatGPTs running wild, pushing ads everywhere.
> Claiming to be carefully selected ads, but it is automated, so might
> as well just send ads to (almost) everyone.
> Half the software I run is to block ads, stop tracking and block web
> scripts poking at my browser for info.
> It's a war zone out there!
> BillK
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